AppBucks Review – Earn Money From Your Android Phone

Appbucks Review: Are you running out of money? Or you need money instantly for some other work? Or you want to buy your favourite product? But, you don’t have a single penny in your pocket to satisfy all your needs. To get a solution for all the questions. You should know completely about Appbucks. So, Let’s move onto the topic.

As a teenager, I know, getting money from home is a back breaking work. I researched few days on the internet and finally got the solution to get rid of those problems. The solution is Appbucks.

What Appbucks does?

It is just like regular Application, which is available on Play Store for free of cost. This App Rewards you in several activities. They will pay $10 for newly registered users including 1000 points, and you can participate in various tasks to get more points. You will get 250 points for opening the app daily. You can also refer your friends, download apps to get more points to redeem the voucher or money.

If you share the app twice a week on Facebook and Whatsapp, they will reward few more points. Now, they are offering $5 extra for rating their app on Play Store. All you need to, rate the app on play store and take the screenshot of it and upload it in their app to get $5 instantly.

Get 500 Points Instantly using this Code: – 37G77Z (To Enter this code, Go to Profile >> Select Refer ID >> Then, Enter the code. 

You have to use this code in your App to get 500 points immediately. If you don’t use the code. You will not get 500 points. Code: – 37G77Z

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How To Redeem the Points in AppBucks?

You can redeem the money once you reach the Minimum Payout. You need to reach 50,000 points to get 50$. (1,000 Points = 1$). The payout will be in the form of Play store credits, PayPal and Paytm.

Referral Code: – 37G77Z (+500 Points to your account).

We have not received any payments till now. We are testing this app. Because we haven’t reached the goal of (50,000 Points) to redeem the money. Once, we receive the payment. We will update the proof of earnings. As of now, We are just reviewing the app. We will not compel you to download the app. Don’t ask if you didn’t get money after reaching the goal. This post will be removed if the App is examined as scam or fake.

Appbucks Review – Earn Money from Android Phone: –

  1. Open Play Store, Type as Appbucks and Install the App on your Phone.
  2. Open the app and create an account on Appbucks using E-mail Address.
  3. Then, start completing the task to earn better more points.
  4. Refer your friends and Earn +100 to your account.
  5. Earnings will be redeemed after reaching 50,000 Points.
  6. Enjoy..!!

Conclusion For Appbucks Review: –

I hope this article helped you earning money using Appbucks Android app. Please share it with your friends and let them know about this app. Thanks for visiting. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more reviews like this.


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