Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android

7 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android That Helps You To Wake Up Early

Best Alarm Apps For Android:

Early to bed is steep and early to rise is even more. And so there is an alarm to help you accomplish the latter. From the analog to the digital and now in the form of Apps, the alarms are waking up many generations and will be doing so in the future. So here we’ll discuss the best Alarm clock Apps for the Android and which one would suit you best as per your requirement.

7 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android Users: –

List of best Alarm clock Apps for Android devices are following,

1. Alarmy: –

The play store has put this App on top and is quite popular among the heavy sleepers. But you already have a default Alarm in your android, so why switch to new? Well, Alarmy has an exciting way to wake you up. Alarmy has previously been honored with the title of World’s most annoying alarm clock.

To wake up completely, all you need is a small walk, and this is the concept on which Alarmy works. All you have to do is to take a picture of a distant object at your home which is out of reach from your bedroom. This picture now is registered. So now when Alarmy sets to ring in the morning to pull you out from your sweet dreams, you will have to go all the way to that particular place and take one similar picture for the Alarmy to stop. Sounds interesting? Right?.

alarmy clock app

However, there is a loophole. You can beat the app by taking a picture of a nearby thing or your hands on the bed. But this is not a loss to Alarmy but you. The app works great if appropriately configured. And advice to the newbies, if you are planning to visit a hotel or go to your parents’ house, make sure you deactivate the alarm or change the enrolled pic, or it’s going to be a hard time to turn off the alarm. The app is free without any restraint, and you can choose various themes to change the colors and customize the app.

Download Alarmy app for free

2. Morning Routine – Alarm Clock: –

Morning Routine alarm clock is quite similar to Alarmy in the way that it will also overcome you out of bed to snap a picture. But instead of photos of a wash basin or kitchen sink that can be changed from morning to morning, it requires you to scan the barcode of your morning breakfast or the toothpaste you use. You can also set a daily routine like first taking the bar code of the toothpaste and then the milk carton int the next 20 mins.

morning routine alarm app

The Graphics are very interactive. Once you have successfully turned off your alarm, you can choose to open or browse a link for your morning prayers or news. The app links the chain with a particular Wi-Fi network, and if the network is not found, it will not provide you the barcode to scan.

Download Morning Routine app for free

3. Puzzle Alarm Clock: –

puzzle alarm clock

If you conquered over the first few minutes over your sleep, you’d be awake; Puzzle Alarm clock helps to do the same. As the name suggests, it has got puzzles to solve. When the alarm rings in the morning, you will be given a simple problem to solve to turn off and be fully awaken. You can customize the puzzle criteria like maths, memory, etc. And also the number of puzzles to be given to solve. At max, you can set that to five, but 2-3 puzzles are enough to wake you up. You can also set the difficulty level of your puzzles (Max 3).

Download Puzzle Alarm clock app for free

4. Shake-it Alarm: –

Shake-it Alarm is probably one of the most straightforward alarm clock apps on the list, and all you ought to do is shake the phone to turn off the alarm every morning.

Sounds easy? But it is not. It’s not one or two shakes to perform. It’s like shaking the phone for about 7 to 10 seconds unless the bar in the app fills up and the alarm is turned off. The app can be great for people who don’t like solving a maths question in the morning.

shake-it alarm app

One exciting feature of Shake-it Alarm clock is that you can configure preset users whom you wish to send a message. So if you don’t wake up, you can choose to message your Dad or your best friend to call and wake you up.

Download Shake-it Alarm app for free

5. Sleep as Android: –

No puzzles, photos or weird mathematics puzzle here. Sleep as Android app is rather smart and keeps track of your sleep activity throughout the night and wakes you gently in the optimal moment for pleasant mornings. So finally a smoother way to wake up you up.

sleep as android app

After you set the alarm, you need to activate the sleep mode and keep the phone on your bed. This app will keep a track on your sleep habits with the help of an accelerometer and determine a graph when you are in a deep sleep and when on a light sleep. Now, according to the time when you are in the light sleep, the alarm can ring within 30 mins and you will be addressed through pleasant nature sound to wake up.

Download Sleep as Android app for free

6. Sleep Cycle: –

It was the first one of the first to introduce the concept of a mobile app that examines your sleep behavior. It is similar to Sleep. All you have to do is to sleep with it close to you on the bed. Sleep behavior is traced using your phone’s accelerometer.

Once it gets to know your sleep cycle, Sleep Cycle can understand when you’re in the light phase of sleep and wake up you then, which reduces grogginess and makes you feel well-rested and relaxed. You can set a style wake window that Sleep Cycle will try to stay within.

sleep cycle app

Other features include sleep notes (to see how things like coffee affect your sleep) and in-depth graphs and statistics.

Download Sleep Cycle app for free

7. Timely: –

Timely is beautiful and looks great even on Android tablets, is packed full of features, and now is free as Google bought it.

timely alarm app

Talking about the features, it does the essential functions well along with additional ones like wake up challenges, cloud synchronization across devices, and integration with Google Now.

Download Timely app for free

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Final Verdict: –

As per your sleeping routine, and how much effort it takes you to get out of your bed, you might have concluded with which one suits you the best. Alarmy, which is considered the best Alarm App, will ruin your Sunday mornings if not customized accordingly. Also turning it off during your journeys, trip, etc. would be a big headache, and you’ll undoubtedly be irritated. But for the heavy sleepers, this is a must.

The Shake it, Timely, Puzzle Alarm is for the moderate sleepers, who need a light brain booster to come over from their sleep. But everyone knows the ultimate step turn off any of the hindrances by just taking off the battery!

The Sleep Cycle and Sleep for Android are however for the ones who want begin the day with a sweet nature’s sounds as their biological clock is enough to wake them up. The heavy sleepers, please stay away from these.

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