Best Nova Launcher Themes and icon packs

10 Best Nova Launcher Themes And Icons Packs

Best Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Packs: –

For an Android user, Nova launcher is a jackpot of features and customization. But, in Nova launcher and even in its Prime version, you will not find “Theme” features, which is the only disadvantage of Nova Launcher. Instead, you can get a pack of Icon themes, and then set wallpapers, widgets, folder backgrounds, scroll effects, animation, Icon size, etc. for getting a Theme feature to feel.

This article will cover up best icon theme pack which comes with some wallpaper too, available on Nova Launcher. But remember, all apps are not covered by these Nova Icon themes! Check below

Must Check: –

10 Best Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Packs You Must Check: –

1. Voxel: –

In case you want your smartphone to look colorful, yet simplistic you can go for the voxel. Voxel is the best flat style icon pack on Nova launcher, and it has been designed with core visual changes in the look of app icons. It offers 3500 high-quality icons of size 192×192. Users who find it difficult for setting a specific app icon can request images too and you can mask for unthawed icons. It also comes with 20 colorful wallpapers, and the dashboard is of new material design. Users will get regular monthly updates for voxel pack.

2. Polycon: –

Polycon is perfect for those users who love the new material design on stock Android devices. It has over 800 icons which can be adjusted to any smartphone on any resolution. Polycon also has its pack of 20 wallpapers which fit well with icons. Polycon comes with CMTE support and custom app drawer, folders, and dashboard! However, users won’t get updates; still, it’s a great theme pack.

Developer: EfrieBlues
Price: 0,59 €+
  • POLYGON Icon Pack Screenshot
  • POLYGON Icon Pack Screenshot
  • POLYGON Icon Pack Screenshot

3. Viral: –

Viral is a perfect theme which has a retro look going on with beautifully designed dark styled icons. The expertly designed icons with beautifully arranged shadows give them an incredible look. The icon pack is capable of automatically connecting itself to your favorite launcher, and in Nova Launcher without any problems. The package also arises with over 300 beautifully matching wallpapers that make the icons rise. There even other icons available for you to apply with new colors and different styles.

4. Cygnus Dark: –

Not everyone is a lover of bright colors used in Android, and if you are one of those, you are going to acknowledge the Dark theme. The Dark idea is not only dark on the home screen with a Wallrox wallpaper, but also in the app browser and additional pages, heartfelt thanks to Nova’s night mode which is determined to search bar with white accents. Previously, We have shared How to Make Phone Look Like Pixel 2 in Less than 3 Minutes

5.  Materis: –

Material composition is in the trend all these days. Not only the design looks excellent but also fits amazingly well with some different wallpapers. There are more than 950 icons present on this icon pack for Nova Launcher. However, you can even receive more than 70 wallpapers that not only look marvelous but also help you create a perfect looking Nova Launcher theme that satisfies your needs perfectly. The color palette and shadows are all expertly crafted, and the icons look exciting and colorful. You will also receive magnetic calendars along with a menu to request more icons and regular updates.

6. Pix UI Icon Pack: –

Pix UI Icon Pack has a bundle of various icons with its icon size as 110%, as a subject of fact, it has more than any other icon pack on the list. The package also classifies icons in different categories so you can quickly search and preview them. There are above 6900 icons accessible on this icon pack. All of them come with a smooth flat icon design that looks well on most of the wallpaper. Each icon resolution is 192 x 192 pixels, and they all balance well depending on the resolution and screen size. The weight and height stuffing in this icon pack theme is set to a medium level. That will farther enhance the look of the whole set up.

7. Aris: –

With over 1500 icons present, Aris icon pack is a complete package install for your customization requirements. The icons are huge and bold and follow a uniquely fashionable design throughout. There is also future-proof recognition to their bigger resolution of 220 x 220 pixels; the can look uniformly well on full HD as well as 4K resolution displays. There are too changing calendar icons, from a quick search icon tool and told different wallpapers to collect from. The developers also provide regular updates with new icons added regularly. Overall the icon pack has a larger-than-life look that will suit tablets a lot.

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8. PINN: –

If you’re watching for material design and flat icon pack for Nova Launcher, then PINN is the one made just for you. It has the clean design and beautiful animation when you navigate the sections. The round design of the icons coupled with the powerfully energetic colors; present the icon pack a different look. The individual components in the icon pack also spent long shadows on the colorful icon background; this looks exceptional when joined with minimalistic wallpaper. The flat nature of the icons enables you to mix and match them to any wallpaper you choose, but the icons should fit with a minimalistic and artistic background. The PINN theme has three background single image effects such as:

  • Single Image + Fog Effect Background
  • Single Image + Star Effect Background
  • Single Image + Firefly Effect Background
Developer: mowmo
Price: Free
  • PINN - ICON PACK Screenshot
  • PINN - ICON PACK Screenshot
  • PINN - ICON PACK Screenshot
  • PINN - ICON PACK Screenshot
  • PINN - ICON PACK Screenshot
  • PINN - ICON PACK Screenshot

9. Rugos: –

Rugos is a free icon pack theme designed by Xiaomi for its MIUI users with all the versions. Do you like that crushed paper effect? The icons all look beautiful and go well with almost any wallpaper. However, we say that you go with the paper-based wallpapers that arrive with the icon pack itself. That provides an excellent overall appearance to your Nova Launcher home screen. By using this Nova Launcher theme for at least a month, it’s beautiful and makes my home screen look like it’s made out of paper. Rugos has 1.670 High-quality vector based icons along with dynamic calendar supported.

10. Candy cons: –

Candy Cons stand out only because it supports Google’s material design and it looks incredible with Nova Launcher’s simplistic interface. By candy cons are all icons are designed according to the color palette that appears with Google material design guidelines. Each icon is created with significant attention to detail and looks extraordinary.  The candy cons icon pack has a built-in request toolbox so that it can fulfill all the requirements with various candy designs for the users. The Nova Launcher icon pack arises with 1070 icons as well as several color variants for some apps. There are also 25 different wallpapers that come with the pack, and they complement the icons well.

Final Verdict: –

These are some of the best Nova Launchers and Icon Packs we have picked for you guys. If you liked it, Then Do share this article with your friends and families. If you’ve any queries or you end up with an error, then please don’t hesitate to drop your query in the comment section below. Until then, Good Bye!. See you in the next article.

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