best xposed modules featured

Best Xposed Modules in 2018

Best Xposed Modules For Your Android Device: Xposed framework is a platform which when downloaded can be used to extract and install various apps which can modulate your Android smartphone differently. That is why such software are called modules. These modules run on memory and…

Best Nova Launcher Themes and icon packs

10 Best Nova Launcher Themes And Icons Packs

Best Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Packs: – For an Android user, Nova launcher is a jackpot of features and customization. But, in Nova launcher and even in its Prime version, you will not find “Theme” features, which is the only disadvantage of Nova Launcher….

torrent apps for android

7 Best Torrent Apps For Android of 2018 (Hand Picked)

Best Torrent Apps for Android: Torrents are associated to carry malware that can potentially damage your device; they are still a much-used way to download and stream audio-video, full-length movies, applications, games, books, PDFs and many other files for free. Torrent is a sort of…

cleaner apps for android

6 Best Cleaner Apps For Android – 2018 Edition

Best Cleaner Apps For Android: – Routine keeping is not a requirement in Android, but it indeed is an excellent plan to cleanse your Android from time to time to uplift performance, intensify battery life and get rid of junk files. That’s for what Android…

Fitness Apps For Android

6 Best Fitness Apps For Android That You Should Check Out Now

Best Fitness Apps For Android That helps in Weight Loss: – Obesity is one of the major problems of our generation which is quite obsessed with unhealthy lifestyle and fast food. It isn’t much you can do for your body that is better than getting…

Best Text Messaging Apps For Android

7 Best Text Messaging Apps For Android (2018)

Best Text Messaging Apps for Android: Text messaging is a significant component of phone usage for many people, and while all phones come with native messaging clients, they can be painful, horribly wrong. Gradually but surely, the world is moving away from SMS and MMS…