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iOS Emulator For Android

Best iOS Emulator For Android: –  Are you feeling excited to run iOS Apps on Android Phone/Tablet. In this post, I have provided the complete step-by-step Guide on iOS Emulator For Android to run iPhone Apps on Android smartphone for free.

If your Friend was an iOS user and you’re an Android user. You might not get few apps on Android which is featured on the iOS operating system. Nowadays, 90% of the smartphones are working either on Android or iOS. But, It’s quite challenging to run iOS Apps on Android. 

Because, Both the Platforms has the considerable amount of users and billions of apps are developed daily on iOS and Android operating systems. You can also check this out Best Movie Apps for Android.

In the year 2016, Android has got more satisfied customers than Apple. I even don’t know what’s the reason behind that. In my Opinion, Android smartphones are cheaper than Apple Devices. The idea may the Apple devices are most expensive. I have spent a lot of time on discussion. Now, We will discuss the main topic. Let’s Get started..!! Recently I have also posted Best Launchers For Android.

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How To Run iOS Apps On Android:-

You want to run iOS Apps on Android. Then, You landed on the correct page. It is very much wondrous to work with Apple products (iPad and iPhone) and with their apps. To do so, You need an iOS Emulator for Android to run other Platform Apps on Your phone by following few steps.

What You Will Get:-

  • You can Run High-End apps on your Android smartphone.
  • You can get iOS Apps for easily, and there are more App Store alternatives to download Apps.
  • The Emulator supports Gamepads like joysticks and external storage devices, and it is an excellent feature for us.
  • You can run almost 96% of the apps and can get all the features of the iOS device to your Android Phone.
  • The iOS Emulators are free and easy to use.
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Best iOS Emulator For Android of 2017 (Install iOS On Android):-

If you’re an Android user? Don’t bother about that you don’t have an Apple device (iPhone). Be happy with what you have. But, In such cases, I will be ready to help people through sharing some Tips and Tricks for Android and Latest Tech News.

It is the Great Opportunity for Every Android user to claim their wish. Because They can use iOS Apps on Android smartphone without any trouble using the best iOS Emulator For Android, Possibly Known iEMU & Cider. 

IEMU Emulator:-

IEMU iOS Emulator For Android
IEMU iOS Emulator


It is the best User-friendly application and one of the Most Popular downloaded Application For Android that is used to run iOS Apps on Android smartphone. I have listed some of the Features of IEMU Emulator and steps to use it Properly.

Features of IEMU iOS Emulator:-

  • It is very well tested application and does not harm any Android device.
  • This application supports Every Android Phone and Easy to use.
  • You can experience same Graphics of any iOS application and no Quality loss on Android phone.
  • No cost for this fantastic tool. You can download it for free.
  • It will save the data of your games once you close the application.

How To Use IEMU Emulator on Android;-

  1. Download the iOS Emulator Application from the Given Link below.
  2. Then, Transfer the APK file to your Android Smartphone and Install it.
  3.  After the installation process. It will show the app name as “padiod.”
  4. You Need to download additional 61MB to run the app in the right way. (wait until it completes)
  5. Choose any iOS application from your media storage or External SD card.
  6. IEMU Emulator only supports .zip &.ipas files

iOS Emulator For Android: Cider Apk

Cider Apk is also the other best-known Emulator to download and use iOS Applications on Android smartphone.  With this cider APK, You can enjoy all type of games and iOS apps on your Android devices.

Cider Android Application was developed by students (six members). They researched and found that Apple and Android run on the ARM Hardware. After the successful programming, they launched the Cider APK, and It’s not an official app. But, it’s work perfectly on Android Smartphone.


These apps are the best iOS Emulator For Android and available for free. Cider and IEMU are the handy tools which convert iOS apps to run on Android Smartphone. Anyhow, Download the Emulators from the download links and enjoy..!!

I hope you liked this article. If you have any question related to iOS Emulator. Please, Ask me in the comment section below. Share this amazing trick with your Friends and relatives.

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