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How To Hack a Facebook Account (Working Trick)

Facebook hacking? How to hack Facebook account for free? How to hack my friends Facebook account? >> Getting lots of comments from users to publish a post on hacking a Facebook in less than 10 minutes. Today, Androidstrike decided to help users by delivering this useful content on “How to Hack a Facebook Account.”

Hacking others Facebook account using tools/malicious networking will be considered as Black-Hat Hacking Method. So, before landing on the main topic. Please read the NOTE given below.

I am not responsible if you caught by hacking some other’s Facebook account. I am sharing this post only for educational purpose, and this post will not be categorized under Spam.

You might have wasted your valuable time by searching on Google for Facebook Hack tool. Over the search results, You may find many sites which are offering free facebook hack on their sites. But, You can’t download any tool without completing a survey. Even after finishing the survey It says “the offer timed out Try another Offer and Download Your tool.” There is no such tool which can hack Facebook within minutes. Those sites are spammy. Their only Goal is to Make money from the surveys and Paid links.  If you are longing to know How the hackers could Hack Facebook Account of others. Then, You should read the techniques and follow my instructions given below.

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How To Hack A Facebook Account Using Phishing Method?

PHISHING is the most common method to Hack any Facebook Account. Phishing can be done quickly if you have little knowledge of Networking and Page designing. Most of the users become victims because of the site features, layout and appearance.

How Does Phishing Works?

Let me explain you. How the Phishing Works and How you can hack Facebook using this technique. There is also one site which is giving free Phishing stuff to newbie hackers. Phishing is the process of developing a new page of the Pre-existing page with the aim to steal login credentials of the people whether it may be Facebook Account or Credit card details.

For Example – Suresh is a Programmer, He creates a Page using scripts and codes that enable him to get the information of the victim. He designs the Page which exactly looks like Facebook Login Page with USERNAME and PASSWORD field. (URL: – faceboook.com/get-page-views-daily.html). Kumar is the friend of Suresh. Suresh sends the link to his friend Kumar with the message “Click this link and Increase Pageviews of Youtube with the simple trick.” Kumar trusts him and clicks on the link. As usual, it asks for the Facebook login. Kumar will type his login credentials and hits the login button. The user id and password will be sent to Suresh to his inbox and Account Got HACKED within minutes. This is How Phishing WORKS..!!

This Hacking Trick is for Educational and Entertainment Purpose.

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How To Hack A Facebook Account?

To Hack Any Facebook Account, You need some common sense to prank your friend and to get the Password from him/her

  1. First of all, Search as z-Shadow in the Google and Enter into the website, which is showing in the top first (Search results)
  2. Then, Click on Sign up and Create an Account by providing UserName, Email, and Password
  3. After Signing up, Verify your Email ID. To Verify it, Go to your Email account and You will get the confirmation Email from Z-shadow.
  4. Verify the Email ID by clicking on the confirmation link.
  5. Login to the website and Enter into the dashboard
How To Hack a Facebook Account using Z-shadow
This is how the panel looks like

6. Click on English, and It will Generate link.

7. Copy the Link and share it with your Friend. When your friend clicks that link, It will take him to another page. Then, It will ask UserName and Password to log in or continue. When your friend/Victim Enters the login credentials. The Login details will store into z-shadow account.

Facebook Phishing Method

8. To see the Victim login Details. Click on My Victims Tab to show the list.

9. That’s all !!

Final Verdict:

I hope you enjoyed reading How to Hack a Facebook account using Phishing Method. If you have any doubt about fooling your friend or Processing this method. Put the comment in the below section and let me know. I will help you within 24hrs. Sharing is caring. Keep visiting for more tech updates.



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