How to make money on YouTube: Step-by-step method

How To make money on youtube

Step-By-Step instructions How to make money on YouTube: Everyone has started making money on YouTube in the present era. YouTube is the popular video search engine powered by Google. Most of the marketers engage their video by advertising their company through video (or) review.

Did you know? How they are making money through YouTube

Guide for How to make money on YouTube:

Let’s get started,

Here is the complete review about, How you can also earn money on YouTube

  1. Create a new YouTube account
  2. Upload the content (video)
  3. Publish the video on social media to get more visitors.
  4. How to make money on YouTube

#1. Create a YouTube account:

To Create a new YouTube account. First, you need to sign up with Google. It is recommended to link YouTube. If you already have an account with GoogleThen, no problem, Just skip the sign-up a process.

Create a new YouTube channel, To promote your videos to visitors. All you need to do is, No copyright Video should be published on YouTube. Otherwise, Google gives penalties according to that.

  • Select your account according to your category
  • Don’t change your Gmail account. Unless, It’ll harm next time of integration

#2. Upload the content (video):

First, You need to select the niche (category) that you’re going to upload, Plan yourself and give Proper keywords, Music, Arts, Clips and High-Quality information. Above mentioned tips will help your channel growth.

  • Your Video should maintain high-quality resolution.
  • Use high-end camera
  • Concentrate on Your title and content that should be readable and shareable
  • No copyrighted Content

How to make money on YouTube:

#3. Increase Your Visitors:

You can earn more money on YouTube when you get high traffic. After publishing your video. There are several tips to be followed:

  1. Promote your video to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, etc…
  2. Create a blog to promote your videos or
  3. Advertise yourself with your friends

Note:  Never Use YouTube bots to increase your revenue. Google Watches Everything.

#4. How to make money on YouTube with your uploaded videos:

How will you be Get paid? It is an another important process.

There are many montenziation program companies like Google Adsense, High PPC Networks. They will Pay money, according to your Page views and Ad clicks (RPM) impressions.

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How to Earn money on YouTube through Google Adsense:

Before starting with Google Adsense, Your channel must have Verified YouTube Partnership. After Submitting Application on Google Adsense, They will review your channel and send you a mail.

NOTE: If your application form is rejected with valid reason. You cannot apply for 2 months.

Already Have a Verified Adsense Account:

If you already have a Google Adsense account with verified Ownership. Then, You can start making revenue from YouTube.

Google Adsense+YouTube videos=$$$$$

#How Much Money does Adsense Pay Per View?

how much money does Googlr adsense pay per view

The Earnings will differ from one video to another video. It only depends on how you’re attracting your visitors to your side. You can even earn more money if you upload a video thrice in a week. If you already have an account Adsense ready? Then, You need a tool to calculate your revenue.



I hope you enjoyed this article, Follow the tips as mentioned above. According to this Job, Patience and time sense should be important. Without working hard, you cannot succeed. Don’t worry if your revenue is low. It will increase day-by-day

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