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mSpy App: Best Spy App for Android + Android Location Tracker

mSpy App: Best Spy App for Android

Do you want to spy on someone? Or else you need to keep an eye on others to know what they are doing one with their smartphone? Then, You are at the right place. Today, We are here discussing the best Android spy Apps which lets you monitor other’s smartphone data from your PC. Not only monitoring. This App has many other advanced features which will blow your mind, which we will know below after the introduction.

mSpy App Review: –

mSpy App– The name itself describes its function. If you are not able to find it. Then, I will say about it. mSpy is the user-friendly Android, iOS and blackberry supported spying app which monitors all the data and secures it. You can monitor and track all your connected devices from the mSpy control panel by logging into your account. Recently, This app is also compatible with Windows and Mac Operating systems.

Your son cannot find that you are tracking his device. Because This application will hide from RAM management and works invisibly.

Disclaimer: – Don’t use this app on your neighbours or strangers phone. This app is developed only for your family protection and Employees monitoring. We are not responsible if anything happened illegally.

Why choose mSpy?

If you want to know, what your son or daughter was doing on their smartphone. But, still you have lots of work pending in your office, and you are not able to focus and guide them correctly from the office. But, Installing mSpy App on your child smartphone, It’s Possible!!!. You can gather all the information to your mSpy dashboard.

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What type of information can I collect from mSpy?

You can collect several types of data like text messages, facebook messages, live tracking, Call logs, and much more.

Features of mSpy App for Android: –

If you are so much eagerly waiting to know about the features, continue reading this article.

GPS Location Tracker:-

mspy location tracker

GPS location tracker is one of the best features from mSpy. You just need to install this mSpy application on your son’s phone. You can track their actual location and keep an eye on them. If they are offline, mSpy saves the information and syncs once the targeted device data packet is ON.

Call Logs Tracking: –

mspy call logs

As a parent, you have the rights to know, To whom your son is talking to. Because Lots of children will delete their phone call logs after disconnecting the call. So, you may not get the exact call log details. But, mSpy will monitor your son’s phone 24×7 and keep track on his actions. You can restrict or blacklist the call from your computer. Also, It shows the incoming and outgoing calls with duration, location and time.

Web History Tracking: –

Collecting information from the web browser is somewhat a hard task. Children can quickly delete their history after surfing on the internet to hide from their parents. But, Once you logged into your control panel. You will get all the browsing history on the page. So, If you found any unwanted URL or website. You can block the URL and Redirect to some other site.

Track Multi-Media Content: –

This App enables you to see all the content related to videos and images. Once your children or employee capture an image. mSpy recognizes and uploads it to the mSpy cloud storage. So, you can able to see it from your Dashboard.

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Remote Control: –

Once your smartphone is stolen, and you have saved all your personal information in it. Then, you can’t do anything unless your phone is with you. But, mSpy allows you to delete/Factory Reset the device with one simple click from the control panel. So, other’s may not be able to see your information.

Track Text Messages and Emails: –

mspy text messages

Not only location tracking. mSpy also enables the user to track on Text messages and Personal E-mails of the victim’s phone. So, your son will be safe and not be cheated from the spam Email and Messages.

Calendar Events and Contacts list: –

It is another best feature from the mSpy team. You can configure the Event on your son’s phone and remind him on that day. Also, You can see the list of saved contacts from your control panel.

Other Features: –

Application blocking and Installed Applications live Tracking: –

Installed Applications allows the user to see the list of installed application and Application blocking feature allows the user to uninstall the unwanted or threatened app from the dashboard.

List of supported social Media Tracking Applications: –

Skype, Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts and much more.

How to Install mSpy on Android Device: –

  1. Download and Install the mSpy Android app from Play store.
  2. Once, Installed select child Tab and continue.
  3. Now, login to your dashboard and scan the QR code.
  4. Once, done you can spy on your employee or son.

Conclusion: –

I hope you loved reading mSpy App ReviewIf you have kid or employee, you want to track. You can simply purchase a subscription on mSpy and continue monitoring from your Laptop/PC. Feel free to share this article with your friends and relatives. Comment below if you want to know anything about mSpy.

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