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Top 8 Best Sites Like Craigslist | Craigslist Alternatives websites | Buying and Selling

Sites Like Craigslist

Craigslist is an American online platform which acts as an intermediate between the clients and the service providers acting as classified advertisement site. This client-service relation is not just limited to jobs recruiters and freelancers but also connects a buyer-seller pair, forms a community of people with same interest. In short, Craigslist provides a platform for people with some requirement and people seeking to provide some help.

8 Best Sites Like Craigslist For Buying and Selling Used Products: –

Here are some of the sites like Craigslist:

5Trove Marketplace
8US Free AdsFree

1. Letgo


Letgo is probably the most favorite Craigslist alternative. Although at present, social media provides this same feature with ease sites like Letgo is always the first choice since these are specific to their work and functions and seeks people with the same interests.

Letgo does a better job than Facebook at grouping product listings. Here you can search for specific keywords or general categories like Fashion and Accessories. It makes Letgo simpler to search for items in unusual ways.

Also, the Letgo site is more charming or interactive. The moment you get to the site’s home page, you’ll be bombarded with photos of recent items listed for sale. You can also quickly view additional details for purchase from the same seller when you click on a product listing.

Finally, Letgo is also convenient. You can communicate through the app when interacting with a potential buyer or seller or any client. As a result, you need not list your phone number or e-mail address. This feature helps some buyers who don’t feel safe to share their number with others and sellers feel more compatible about conducting a transaction with a stranger.

2. Recycler

Recycler is the best alternative to Craigslist if you are based from the US. Started as a local newspaper in California is currently a holder of 18 million monthly users and had bagged the title of the national marketplace in 2010 itself.

Here not just kinds and stuff, but also pets and houses are sold or given on rent. Cars, automobiles, etc. are also sold and bought.

When you make a successful sell on Recycler, you can immediately post your listings to Facebook and Twitter. To boost your business or exposure on Recycler, it’s also possible to use paid ads to target specific buyers or markets.

3. Offerup

offerup featured

Offerup is relatively smaller than the sites mentioned above but has gained 23 million App downloads and has declared itself to be a potential alternative for Craigslist. Awarded as the App of the year by Geekwire, Offerup has outshone itself perfectly. Sellers and buyers can broadcast their listing on Facebook as well.

To live up to its namesake, Offerup helps you to accept the seller’s listed price or make your offer. You can also attach listings to your watch list if you are not eager to buy at once.

4. Bookoo

bookoo featured

Bookoo is claimed as a family-friendly Craigslist alternative. You can list the items on purchase one at a time or promote a yard sale. There are Bookoo places are located all across the country. Many areas are in towns with military bases. It makes it easier for military people to buy or sell stuff with their most recent move.

To make it more peculiar, Bookoo provides sellers to make a profile that covers a brief bio and a profile picture. The profile also lists the kinds of items you have listed in the past. While this site is a little miniature than the others with 2,355,912  as current members, it has a user-friendly platform for buying or selling. It also has live chat support, and social media feel that is also family-friendly.

5. Trove Marketplace

trove marketplace

Trove Market mainly sells secondhand furniture for any room in the house. You can use it online or with the mobile app. Trove will automatically use your current place to display the most proximate listings, or you can surf across the country.

If you are looking for a refurbished item from the mid-century, an antique, or something modern, Trove Market seemingly has what you are looking massive. Since furniture is bulky, you will probably have to collect your purchase up yourself. However, some shippers will deliver locally or ship small pieces across the country.

6. Geebo

greebo featured

Geebo was founded in 199 with an aim to sell or buy merchandise, large tools, automobiles, and other services in various communities. If you are based in L.A or Chicago, Geebo is worthy enough to give it a try. In significant places like Virginia Beach, Tulsa, etc. Geebo has an outstanding performance and is useful.

If you are looking for a safe platform and no hustles with your purchase or sale, Geebo is best suitable for you as it features a SafeTrade transaction which acts as a settlement between the buyer and the seller where both of them agree to meet at a local police station.

If you are reluctant to try Craigslist only because you don’t feel safe meeting in just any public parking lot, then Geebo is the Craigslist alternative.

7. eBay

The most popular and probably with the highest number of users, eBay is widely known as an e-commerce site with a provision of letting anyone to be a seller and to post their products for free. Due to local pickup and delivery options (at reasonable cost), eBay has gained an outstanding number of buyers. You might consider eBay when looking for or selling antiques, flat screen tv’s, and automobiles (eBay motors).

eBay is a good alternative for Craigslist because it has a seeks a larger section of the buyers, and moreover, popular search engines like Google often pops eBay products when searched about any similar or alike goods. Due to heavy publicity, the chances of getting sold here is higher.

One downside to eBay is that you are charged for listing and selling fees in most instances.

8. US Free Ads

Introduced in 1999, US Free Ads as the name suggests lets you post your ads for free. It might appear as a boon, but due to no restriction in posts, the buyers are bombarded with endless ads and are often tired. This way a seller may lose a potential buyer. However free membership allows you to list only two product at a time.


Final verdict: –

These are in our list of best sites like craigslist. If you’ve enjoyed reading, then do share this article with your friends and neighbors. Also, If you know any alternative of craigslist then do let me know in the comment section below, I will update the post with your suggestions.

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